Revised 01/08/2019
Revised 01/08/2019
Airport Song
lyrics by P.M. "Nick" Nicholes


	Do you love to fly
	way up high, in the sky?

	Are you afraid to die
	without a cry, never knowing why?

	Do you become aware
	of the cold hard stares?
	Do they console your cares
	or feed your nightmares?

	They say we're living in a different age
	because a radical somewhere in a cave
	could strike again today.
	Empty your pockets in the tray
	and walk over to the X-ray.
	Your name is on our list today;
	we've got some questions for you, come this way.
	And if we don't like what you say
	we might disappear you today,
	fly you to Syria today.

	So in the land of liberty,
	for your safety, don't you see,
	you can fly brave proud and free
	like a bird in a cage.

	You might never fly free again.

	(c) 2007 P.M. Nicholes

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