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Do It Yourself - build a Volector electric guitar
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If you are viewing this page casually, I'll tell you now that fitting a volector control circuit into an electric guitar is not an easy project.  That said, we are happy to help as we can.

Here's the basic circuit diagram:
Volector circuit, click for hi-res
The isolation capacitor is a safety measure in case of DC from the amplifier.  This issue is covered in our free downloadable Luthier's Guide, which also contains this diagram.  You can also download the circuit diagram separately as a JPG image here.

The project is conceptually simple.  The most difficult issues, in our experience, include finding audio-grade joystick-arc potentiometers, and finding a joystick that can turn them that is small enough to fit in the thickness of a guitar body.  We share our solution with you as our joystick kit.

(By the way, remote-control model airplane hobbyists may be interested in our kit, too.)

As with any electric guitar, shielding the electronics from interference is important.  The Luthier's Guide recommends a source of mirrored acryllic for pickguards that has a conductive layer.  This is a good solution, paired with widely available conductive paint for the body cavity.

Positioning the hole in the body and aligning it with the hole in a custom pickguard requires careful planning and attention to detail, especially since many guitar bodies constrain the exact location.  The joystick should almost touch the high E when tilted toward the strings, and its hidden works should not protrude beyond the pickguard's edge.

Pickups should have coil wires separate from the shield.  This enables polarity switching.  Some single-wire pickups can be disassembled and modified.  The Luthier's Guide explains other parts needed.

If you have questions, please don't be shy.  Contact us.

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